Saturday, 18 of May of 2024

Wildeor: The Wild Life and Living Legacy of Dave Foreman





This compilation edited by Susan Morgan and John C. Miles are what those who knew him had to say at the time of his passing.

On September 19, 2022, Dave Foreman, champion of the wild and Wilderness, passed away at home in Albuquerque, New Mexico, surrounded by friends and family. Activist, conservationist, writer, orator, outdoorsman, historian, and friend to many, Dave leaves an important legacy.

The public knows him primarily as the head of the spear for Earth First! in the 1980s, but after those wild years he went on to be a co-founder of The Wildlands Project with many prominent wildlife biologists and conservationists, The Rewilding Institute, and other initiatives including the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance, now New Mexico Wild.

In the words of Terry Tempest Williams: “Reading what others have expressed reminds that he was involved in so many more actions and projects that I only knew about from afar. I have been swept away by the perspectives in this little book, one that Dave requested we assemble for him. I wish he could read it.”