Monday, 15 of July of 2024

Weekly Poems for Warriorpoets 4


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6 Eco-Poems Just Now Updated:

Gary Lawless – Treat Each Bear: There are no more deer trails, no more flyways. Treat each animal as sacred, each minute our last. Ghost hooves. Ghost skulls. Death rattles and dry bones.

Tom Hirons – Sometimes A Wild God: The wild god stands in your kitchen. Ivy is taking over your sideboard; mistletoe has moved into the lampshades and wrens have begun to sing an old song in the mouth of your kettle. ‘I haven’t much,’ you say and give him the worst of your food. He sits at the table, bleeding. He coughs up foxes. There are otters in his eyes.

Karen Coulter – Friendly Takeovers: It happens as soon as you turn your back–the eminent domain seizure of “your” land nature filling the void. If I stop lighting fires in the woodstove as the weather first warms by the next cold snap it may be too late–bluebirds or blackbirds nesting in the stovepipe the little ones already peeping.

Kirk Lumpkin – Here Before: Salmon lived here before my people came. Salmon lived here before my people and the way that they lived, the way that they lived, they could’ve lived that way forever. They could’ve lived that way forever. Here here on the brink of the world, here on the brink of the world.

Dick Barnes – Bagdad Chase Road: “Not that you didn’t dig the mines and make this road to them; but it’s your absence today that earns my gratitude. Thanks too for the monument and bronze tablet marking where Ragtown was, and the railroad down the hill to Ludlow, so I can rejoice that it’s already all disappeared with hardly a trace.”

Roman Sanchez – Buffalo Poem: “I have looked deep into their eyes and felt their power run through me like the river from which banks they have fed off and I too have been nurtured. And in my hand, I have held their hair plucked from the side of a tree. And I can see that it is no different from mine.”


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