Saturday, 18 of May of 2024

Weekly Poems for Warriorpoets 3


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“Singing unsung resistance ballads for our peops & beloved embattled planet, I am Zoe Zephyr and the Big Bang ~ and all Y’ALL are the Big Bangers. Your heart is a muscle the size of your fist. Keep loving. Keep fighting. An army of lovers cannot be vanquished.”


6 Eco-Poems Just Now Updated:

Carol Weston – Together on the Hill: “Humans might call it a language. We know how to speak without the waste of words. Our time is muscular. Our dreams run through our muscles in the night. Our ears turn to other wolf voices.”

Craig Stehr – For The Earth Warriors: “All the way down to the ocean floor. In flux in the murkiness with soundings. Rumbling from below bottom dwellers. Emissions escape from fissures and trembling. Are the code of transmissions sent up to the surface to land dwellers and the myriad species, trees, plants, mountains, rivers, streams?”

Mary De La Vallette – What Is It You Do?:  “What is it you do? Are you merely food For some other important being In an infinitesimal order We barely comprehend? Or are you, yourself…”

Mac Lojowski – Horizon: “Even fir peaked arrows point in gratitude–They shout, Look! This moon, this moment.”

Craig Oare – Treesit TV: “At 9:08, in the midst of the usual trivia, something strange and new appears: a woman named Remedy, living in a redwood, five months long and fifty yards high, pleading with all her heart and soul for the last few ancient trees. A true voice in the wilderness, for one minute.”

Karla Linn Merrifield – The Real Florida Flora and Fauna Sutra: “…a West Indian manatee warming in the springs toward the end of winter and joining them in my voice flew red-shouldered hawks, osprey and nearly every night the barred owls.”


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