Saturday, 20 of January of 2018

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Congratulations to Lucille Lang Day


Happy Birthday Lucille! Congratulations on your PEN Oakland award. It was fun reading with you & Kirk in the botanical garden last summer and hearing your great poetry.

I remember how we drove around looking for the garden, which wasn’t exactly easy to find for first-timers. Then we walked among the potted plants set out on sale, and talked to the docents and helped ourselves to some of the food (pizza, mostly) laid out on folding tables in a corner of the garden.

The poets read under a partial canopy which shielded them from some of the fierce sun that time of year, but the audience (small, attentive) had no shade at all as they sat in front of the stage in a natural amphitheater.


You can read Lucille Lang Day’s poetry on our website here. Lucille’s two published books of science-heavy poetry are “Infinities” and “The Curvature of Blue”.

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